To Buy is to Give


For every sale, a percentage of profits is donated to help feed, clothe, educate and employ African Men, Women and Children. Summit Clothing Company has supplied hundreds of brand new shirts to the children of Bugembe, Uganda. Our main goal is sustainability and longevity. We want to make lasting changes to these villages that will help raise the standard of living. Summit Clothing Company is proud to have funded living quarters for the Busoga School for deaf and disabled children. This boarding school will soon be the largest deaf and disabled school in all of Africa.

As of July of 2017, Summit Clothing Company is proud to employ a group of Women from Bugembe, Uganda. These Women are talented crafters that make bracelets, bags, baskets and other crafts. Summit pays these Women more in 12 hours of work than they would make in an entire year.

Our goal is to continue to grow and develop third world countries. With the guidance of The Giving Circle, Summit Clothing Company plans on expanding our operations across Africa creating sustainable communities focusing on health, education, employment and prosperity. 

Summit Clothing Company is a proud partner and supporter of The Giving Circle. The Giving Circle is an organization that Summit is trying to model. Their work domestically and in Africa has inspired Summit to donate to their many projects. Learn more about their great work on