The Summit Forest


The Summit Forest is a project in Uganda that is being coordinated with The Giving Circle Organization. The Summit Forest is a 25 acre eucalyptus tree farm where 100% of every dollar made from the harvests will benefit the numerous Summit Clothing Company and The Giving Circle sustainability projects. A steady stream of revenue will be produced once the trees are mature enough to start the thinning process. Locally, the economy will see a spike due to an increase in job availability and The Summit Forest will help mitigate the soil runoff that dilutes the Nile river.

Our goal with this Forest is to supply enough revenue to the point where we can expand our outreach to neighboring villages. Our partnership with The Giving Circle Organization has given us the ability to donate to something we know will make an impact in the lives of those who need our help. The Giving Circle can turn the world's poorest, most uneducated areas into flourishing communities in a matter of a few years. They have already done this twice with the Busoga and Kagoma Gate villages in Uganda. Through The Giving Circle's presence there are hundreds  of children that are fed, clothed and well educated. Their design for sustainable village construction is incredibly effective and can fit in anywhere. The Summit Forest is going to accelerate their expansion and enable them to help more lives at a faster rate. The Summit Forest is predicted to clear $400,000 in the first 12 years; all of which will go directly to the projects.