Our Ambassadors


This page is to recognize and appreciate our ambassadors for all they've done to grow the company. They help spread brand awareness by social media posts and word of mouth. Without them, Summit would never have left the ground. 

Ambassadors can receive public discount codes in their own name and even free apparel depending on their level of involvement. Involvement includes help with sales, social media posts and brand awareness. To apply to be an ambassador, email contact@summitclothingcompany.com with why you believe you would be a great ambassador.  


Current Ambassadors:

Brad Collyer

Cam McCall

Kevin Keegan

Amaya Kilinski

Becca Los

Kendall Deutsch

JT Rafferty

Todd Dimena

Gunnar Conway

Tristin Williams

Aidan Rice

Tyler Klingenburg

Amy Brundage

Emily Gibbs

Anthony Bonacio

Andrea Leo

Ryan Posthelwait

Luke Clark

Peter Moller

Ava Gabryshak

Franki Wendel

Anissa Kilinski

Chris Enborg