Child Sponsorship Program


In the Summer of 2017, Summit Clothing Company helped The Giving Circle Org.  fund the building of a school for deaf and disabled children in Bugembe, Uganda. The school is the first of its kind in Uganda. Most children with disabilities are outcasted and will go most of their lives being ostracized by society for being considered "cursed". In our school, deaf and disabled children are welcomed with open arms. They are fed, clothed, and educated. It is incredible to watch as a once forgotten and unloved child enters our community of goodwill and flourishes.

They, as well as all other regular education students, learn sign language, math, reading, and science skills, they play sports and games like all children should. Unfortunately, most of the deaf and disabled children cannot afford school fees and need help from our sponsorship program to attend. Your help will literally turn their lives around. Copy and paste the link below to help our students and learn more information.